ESIC UDC MTS and Stenographer GK Practice Test 2 in English

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ESIC UDC MTS and Stenographer GK Practice Test 2 in English| General Knowledge 30 Important Questions Must Read Before Going to Exam – Employees State Insurance Corporation Recruitment for Upper Division Clerk, Stenographer and Multi Tasking Staff Posts Recently 15 January 2022 to 15 February 2022 Applications were filled. Many candidates have applied for this recruitment. This recruitment is being conducted to fill a total of 3847 vacant posts.

ESIC Recruitment 2022 for UDC and Stenographer is going to be conducted on 19 March 2022 (Saturday) and 20 March 2022 (Sunday). And the MTS exam will be held on 26 March. For all the candidates preparing for these posts, we have brought ESIC UDC MTS and Stenographer GK Practice Test 2 in English. Before going to the exam, you must read these 30 questions.

ESIC UDC MTS and Stenographer GK Practice Test 2 in English
ESIC UDC MTS and Stenographer GK Practice Test 2 in English

ESIC UDC MTS and Stenographer GK Practice Test 2 in English

Q 1. Which of the following storage  device is volatile in nature?  

  • (a) RAM ✅
  • (b) Hard disk  
  • (c) Magnetic tape 
  • (d) ROM 

Q 2. Which of the following reform  movements was the first to be  started in the 19th century? 

  • (a) Prarthana Samaj  
  • (b) Brahmo Samaj ✅ 
  • (c) Arya Samaj 
  • (d) Rama Krishna Mission  

Q 3. Name the Greek ambassador at the  Mauryan Court.  

  • (a) Alexander 
  • (b) Megasthenese  ✅
  • (c) Plato 
  • (d) Aristotle  

Q 4. Which of the following will be the  official Mascot for 2020 Olympic  Games to be held in Tokyo?  

  • (a) Vinicius 
  • (b) Izzy  
  • (c) Amik 
  • (d) Miraitowa  ✅

Q 5. Who has authored the book  ‘Straight from the Heart’?  

  • (a) Kapil Dev  ✅
  • (b) Kapil Sibal  
  • (c) Kapil Srimohan  
  • (d) None of the above  

Q 6. The Secretary General of UNO is  appointed by  

  • (a) The General Assembly  
  • (b) The Security Council  
  • (c) International Court of Justice  
  • (d) The General Assembly on the  recommendation of the Security  Council✅  

Q 7. The world’s largest and deepest rail  tunnel Gotthard Base Tunnel is  located in which country?  

  • (a) Belgium  
  • (b) Austria  
  • (c) Switzerland  ✅
  • (d) Sweden  

Q 8. Which viceroy was associated with  the ‘Ilbert Bill’ controversy?  

  • (a) Lord Lytton  
  • (b) Lord Ripon  ✅
  • (c) Lord Hardinge 
  • (d) Lord Curzon  

Q 9. For the first time Commonwealth  Games were played during 1930 in  

  • (a) London
  • (b) Canada  ✅
  • (c) Brazil 
  • (d) Pakistan  

Q 10. A decibel is  

  • (a) a musical instrument  
  • (b) the wavelength of noise  
  • (c) a musical note  
  • (d) a measure of sound level ✅

Q 11. Vacuoles are separated by  cytoplasm by a membrane called  

  • (a) Protoplast  
  • (b) Cytoplasm  
  • (c) Chloroplast  
  • (d) Tonoplast  ✅

Q 12. The non-living characteristic of  viruses is  

  • (a) ability to multiply only inside the  host  
  • (b) ability to cause diseases in the host  
  • (c) ability to undergo mutation  
  • (d) ability to be crystallise  ✅

Q 13. 2022 Asian game will be held in  which country?  

  • (a) India 
  • (b) Japan 
  • (c) China ✅
  • (d) Myanmar  

Q 14. Atal Bihari Vajpayee was awarded  Bharat Ratna in which year?  

  • (a) 2014 
  • (b) 2013 
  • (c) 2015 ✅
  • (d) 2012  

Q 15. National Waterway-2 is on which  water system?  

  • (a) West Coast Canal  
  • (b) River Brahmaputra ✅
  • (c) Ganga-Bhagirathi-Hooghly river  
  • (d) Sundarbans waterways  

Q 16. Pulsars are  

  • (a) stars moving towards the Earth  
  • (b) stars moving away from Earth  
  • (c) rapidly spinning stars  ✅
  • (d) high temperature stars  

Q 17. Sahara is located in which part of  Africa?  

  • (a) Eastern 
  • (b) Western  
  • (c) Northern ✅
  • (d) Southern  

Q 18. To whom did the Akbar gave the  title ‘Mian’?  

  • (a) Raja Todar Mal 
  • (b) Mansingh  
  • (c) Birbal 
  • (d) Tansen  ✅

Q 19. India was granted freedom, during  the British Prime Minister  

  • (a) Clement Attlee ✅
  • (b) Winston Churchill  
  • (c) Ramsay Mac Donald 
  • (d) William Pitt  

Q 20. Which of the following  Environmentalist first gave the  concept of Biodiversity Hotspots?

  • (a) Nelson  
  • (b) Norman Myers  ✅
  • (c) John Muir  
  • (d) None of these 

Q 21. Which of the following schemes was  launched to promote basic education  in India and attract children in  school-going age to attend the classes?  

  • (a) Pulse Polio Abhiyan  
  • (b) Operation Flood  
  • (c) Mid-Day Meal Scheme  ✅
  • (d) Operation Black Board  

Q 22. The commission in India dealing with  minimum support price, procurement  price etc., in connection with  agricultural goods is the  

  • (a) Planning Commission  
  • (b) Agricultural Costs and Price  Commission  ✅
  • (c) Agricultural Price Commission  
  • (d) National Marketing Commission  

Q 23. Yen is the currency of  

  • (a) Japan ✅
  • (b) Taiwan  
  • (c) North Korea 
  • (d) South Korea  

Q 24. Which of the following is not one of  the Fundamental Rights?  

  • (a) Right to freedom of religion  
  • (b) Right to freedom of thought and  expression  
  • (c) Right to equality  
  • (d) Right to equal pay for equal work for  man as well as✅

Q 25. From which one of the following  places, remains of wells have been  found in houses belonging to the  developed stage of the Indus Valley  Civilization?  

  • (a) Harappa 
  • (b) Kalibangan  
  • (c) Lothal 
  • (d) Mohenjodaro  ✅

Q 26. The words Satyameva Jayate in the  National Emblem of India have been  adopted from which one of the  following?  

  • (a) Mundaka Upanishad  ✅
  • (b) Brahma Upanishad  
  • (c) Mudgala Upanishad  
  • (d) Maitreyi Upanishad  

Q 27. Who got constructed the Grand Trunk  Road?  

  • (a) Akbar 
  • (b) Humayun  
  • (c) Shershah Suri ✅
  • (d) Ashoka  

Q 28. Who was the Nawab of Bengal during  ‘Battle of Plassey’?  

  • (a) Mir Jafar 
  • (b) Mir Qasim  
  • (c) Siraj-ud-daulah ✅
  • (d) None of these  

Q 29. Which of the following pairs is not  correctly matched?  

  • (a) Himalayas — Tertiary fold mountain  
  • (b) Deccan Trap— Volcanic cone eruption  
  • (c) Western Ghat — Palaeozoic fold  mountains  ✅
  • (d) Aravalli—Pre-cambrian relict mountain  

Q 30. Water falls and rapids are commonly  found in  

  • (a) upper course of a river  ✅
  • (b) middle course of river  
  • (c) lower course of a river  
  • (d) area near the mouth of a river 


The questions and answers of ESIC UDC MTS and Stenographer GK Practice Test 2 shared above have been given for the purpose of education. If any type of error is found in the questions, Then you can get them corrected by talking to our WhatsApp group administrator. We do not take any guarantee that all or any of these questions will come in the ESIC recruitment exam or not.

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