About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to spread knowledge about the importance of the World Environment for human and other creatures life on this planet. We share knowledge related to optimum utilization of natural resources in a way that does not affect or harm our environment. We encourage people to participate in World Environment Day events, so they can understand the value of a healthy environment on our Earth.

If we humans can start doing things in a way that does not harm the environment then it will be a historical change for our earth. There are lots of developments going on earth that are significantly affecting our earth. We think that our little effort can create a big impact on the thinking of human beings living on this earth, so they can start protecting the beauty of our planet.

Our focus is on the long term: we are building habits and knowledge in world citizens that can lead to fair utilization of natural resources. Excessive production of Carbon (CO2) can lead to a worst environmental consequence. We are focusing on reduction of carbon production strategies. With our small efforts we can make a big difference and we can save our earth for our upcoming generations. By encouraging people to save the environment of earth, we can convert this world into a team of environment protectors.

We’re committed to honesty in spreading knowledge about saving the environment. You can count on us to tell the truth about environment saving strategies. We’ll tell you can save this beautiful environment of this earth by small efforts. Our team focuses on quality in our guides and posts rather than churning out lots of thin blog posts. You won’t find low quality or misleading content related to ‘World Environment Day’ on this website. 

Our Team

Jitu Saini

Founder and CEO

I am an environmental savier. I’m working hard to share my experience with people with the help of articles related to the World Environment. I’m a passionate nature lover and trying to save this world.

Jai Saini

Co-founder and Director

I am a social worker. I’m helping various people to connect with our mission of saving the world’s environment. I inspire people so they can start thinking about a good environment and a healthy life on this earth.

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