ESIC UDC MTS and Stenographer GK Practice Test 1 in English| GK 30 Important Questions Must Read Before Going to Exam

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ESIC UDC MTS and Stenographer GK Practice Test 1 in English| GK 30 Important Questions Must Read Before Going to Exam – Employees State Insurance Corporation Recruitment for Upper Division Clerk, Stenographer and Multi Tasking Staff Posts Recently 15 January 2022 to 15 February 2022 Applications were filled. All the candidates have applied for this recruitment. This recruitment is being conducted to fill a total of 3847 vacant posts.

ESIC Recruitment 2022 for UDC and Stenographer is going to be conducted on 19 March 2022 (Saturday) and 20 March 2022 (Sunday). At the same time, the MTS exam is being held on 26 March. For all the candidates preparing for these posts, we have brought ESIC UDC, MTS and Stenographer GK Practice Test 1. With its help, you will be able to do better in your preparation. Before going to the exam, you must read these 30 questions.

ESIC UDC MTS and Stenographer GK Practice Test 1 in English
ESIC UDC MTS and Stenographer GK Practice Test 1 in English

ESIC UDC MTS and Stenographer GK Practice Test 1 in English

Q 1. Who introduced leather token  currency in India?  

  • (a) Akbar 
  • (b) Mohammad-bin-Tughlaq  ✅
  • (c) Babur  
  • (d) Humayun  

Q 2. Aurobindo was arrested in  connection with  

  • (a) Alipore Bomb Case 
  • (b) Kolhapur Bomb Case  
  • (c) Lahore Conspiracy Case  
  • (d) Kakori Case  

Q 3. Group of temples at Pattadakal is in  

  • (a) Maharashtra  
  • (b) Himachal Pradesh  
  • (c) Karnataka  ✅
  • (d) Madhya Pradesh  

Q 4. The Imperial Bank of India, after its  nationalization came to be known as  

  • (a) Reserve Bank of India  
  • (b) State Bank of India  ✅
  • (c) United Bank of India  
  • (d) Indian Overseas Bank  

Q 5. What is NSSO?  

  • (a) National Social Science  Organization  
  • (b) National Social Study Organization  
  • (c) National Security Science  Organization  
  • (d) National Sample Survey  Organization  ✅

Q 6. Who is empowered to transfer a  judge from one High Court to  another High Court?  

  • (a) Chief Justice of India  
  • (b) President of India  ✅
  • (c) Law Minister of India  
  • (d) The Union Cabinet  

Q 7. The ‘Pacific ring of fire’ is associated  with  

  • (a) oil well fires  
  • (b) thermal power station  
  • (c) volcanoes and earthquakes ✅ 
  • (d) forest fires 

Q 8. The community development  programme was launched in the  year  

  • (a) 1950 
  • (b) 1952  ✅
  • (c) 1951 
  • (d) 1953  

Q 9. In the first expansion of SAARC, which  one of the following countries joined  as the eighth member of SAARC?  

  • (a) Myanmar  
  • (b) Iran  
  • (c) Afghanistan  ✅
  • (d) Thailand  

Q 10. ‘An Extraordinary Life, An Indian  Destiny’ is a biography of  

  • (a) Manmohan Singh  
  • (b) Sonia Gandhi  ✅
  • (c) Shashi Tharoor  
  • (d) Indira Gandhi  

Q 11. National Environmental  Engineering Research Institute is  located at  

  • (a) Pune 
  • (b) Delhi  
  • (c) Nagpur ✅
  • (d) Chennai  

Q 12. The world’s first ever thermal  battery plant is established in  which state of India?  

  • (a) Tamil Nadu  
  • (b) Gujarat  
  • (c) Rajasthan  
  • (d) Andhra Pradesh  ✅

Q 13. Name the first person from  Bollywood to feature on the cover  of TIME magazine?  

  • (a) Aishwarya Rai  
  • (b) Shahrukh Khan  
  • (c) Kishore Kumar  
  • (d) Parveen Babi  ✅

Q 14. Who became the first Indian  gymnast to win a gold medal at the Gymnastics World Challenge?  

  • (a) Aruna Reddy  
  • (b) Dipa Karmakar  ✅
  • (c) Pranati Nayak  
  • (d) Pranati Das 

Q 15. Who among the following is  popularly known as ‘Blade Runner’?  

  • (a) Usain Bolt  
  • (b) Oscar Carl Pistorious 
  • (c) Carl Lewis  
  • (d) Ben Johnson  

Q 16. The frequency of ultrasound wave  is typically  

  • (a) above 20 kHz  ✅
  • (b) above 20,000 kHz  
  • (c) below 20 kHz  
  • (d) below 02 kHz  

Q 17. What is India’s rank in the  Human Development Index  (HDI 2017)?  

  • (a) 120th 
  • (b) 125th  
  • (c) 130th ✅
  • (d) 119th  

Q 18. In grasses, the guard cells are  

  • (a) kidney-shaped  
  • (b) sphere-shaped  
  • (c) dumb-bell-shaped  ✅
  • (d) bean-shaped  

Q 19. Soap removes grease by  

  • (a) coagulation  
  • (b) adsorption  
  • (c) emulsification  ✅
  • (d) osmosis  

Q 20. Microliths were most commonly  found in which of the following  ages in ancient India?  

  • (a) Paleolithic  
  • (b) Mesolithic  ✅
  • (c) Neolithic  
  • (d) Chalcolithic  

Q 21. In which state is Jog falls located?  

  • (a) Kerala 
  • (b) Maharashtra  
  • (c) Karnataka ✅
  • (d) Tamil Nadu  

Q 22. The outermost layer of the Sun is  called  

  • (a) Chromosphere  
  • (b) Photosphere  
  • (c) Corona  ✅
  • (d) Lithosphere 

Q 23. Who was the first Speaker of Lok  Sabha?  

  • (a) Dr. SP Mukherjee  
  • (b) GV Mavalankar  
  • (c) N Sanjeeva Reddy  
  • (d) BR Ambedkar  

Q 24. President of India can be removed  from his office by  

  • (a) Prime Minister of India  
  • (b) Chief Justice of India  ✅
  • (c) Parliament  
  • (d) Lok Sabha  

Q 25. Which of the following is a high  level language used in computer  programming?  

  • (a) Python ✅
  • (b) Flash  
  • (c) Snake 
  • (d) Oracle  

Q 26. Under which Article of the  Constitution is the President’s Rule  introduced in a state due to the  failure of the constitutional  machinery?  

  • (a) Article 352 
  • (b) Article 356  ✅
  • (c) Article 360 
  • (d) Article 350  

Q 27. Who among the following is  constitutionally empowered to  alter scheduled area?  

  • (a) Supreme Court of India  
  • (b) High Court of State  
  • (c) President of India  ✅
  • (d) Parliament  

Q 28. When did India join the United  Nations?  

  • (a) 1945 ✅
  • (b) 1947  
  • (c) 1950 
  • (d) 1954  

Q 29. Deficit financing means that the  government borrows money from  the  

  • (a) Revenue Department  
  • (b) World Bank  
  • (c) RBI  ✅
  • (d) None of the above  

Q 30. A closed economy is one which  

  • (a) does not trade with other countries  ✅
  • (b) does not possess any means of  international transport  
  • (c) does not have a coastline  
  • (d) is not a member of the UNO 


The questions and answers of ESIC UDC MTS and Stenographer GK Practice Test 1 in English shared above have been given for the purpose of education. If any type of error is found in the questions. So you can get them corrected by talking to our WhatsApp group administrator. We do not take any guarantee that all or any of these questions will come in the Gram Sevak exam or not.

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