Kantara OTT Release Date, Review, Story Line, Star Cast

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Kantara OTT Release Date | Kantara: Release date on OTT, Storyline and Review – Rishabh Shetty starrer Kannada film Kantara is being hailed as one of the most talked about films since its premiere o n September 30, 2022. Rishabh Shetty has written, directed and produced this film.

The story of the movie is based on the background of land grabbing, forest wealth and smuggling of wealth. The traditions and customs of the tribals have been pictured in it. The culture of South India, especially in the backward areas, has been shown well in this.

Kantara OTT Release Date Review Story Line Star Cast
Kantara OTT Release Date Review Story Line Star Cast

This movie is earning huge amount. At the same time, the audience is waiting for the Kantara OTT Release Date.

After KGF and KGF 2, Kantara is emerging as a big film of Kannada film industry. The Hindi version of the film has also been released, which collected one crore rupees on the first day. Now the makers of the film have decided to release it on OTT soon.

Kantara Movie Star Cast & Crew

Rishabh Shetty
Sapthami Gowda
Kishore Kumar G
Pramod Shetty
Naveen D Padil
Achyut Kumar
Prakash Thuminad

Kantara OTT Release Date

Kantara Movie Release Date on OTT: The digital premiere of Kantara was reported to be releasing on Amazon Prime Video on November 4, 2022.

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At the same time, despite the tremendous success of the film at the box office, will the makers release it on the OTT platform so soon? The debate on this continues.

According to a producer at hombale films, Hombale’s creative producer Karthik Gowda tweeted:

 “False news! We will let you know when it will come but definitely not on November 4th.”

Aishwarya Rai film Ponnyan Selvan will also release on Amazon Prime Video on the same day. Ponnyan Selvan has also collected more than 300 crores at the world wide box office.

Significantly, Kantara has been released on 1200 screens. The occupancy of the film is more than 90 percent in most of the screens in the country. The film released with Vikram Vedha and Ponniyan Selvan.

Kantara Movie Storyline: Kantara OTT Release Date

The film begins with a folktale from a village in Coastal Karnataka. The king here sets out in search of peace of mind and experiences that peace near the totem deity ‘Panjurli’ of Kundapura village.

He asks the villagers to take the deity away. The divine comes into the body of a person and tells the king that in return he will have to donate his land to the villagers. The king takes Daiva and becomes happy.

As the years pass, the descendants of the king try to recapture the donated land. Divine punishment is given to those who try to snatch the land. Time passes, the Forest Rights Act is implemented in the country. Survey starts to declare most of the land of Kundapura as Reserved Forest.

Shiva, the main character of this movie. He lives in Kundapura village. He is a man who can go to any extent to protect his forest and land. Controversy erupts when the forest department tells the villagers about the laws of protected forests and prohibits hunting and cutting wood from there. Here the understanding of the fight in India for the rights of the people over the forests for years is born. Seeing the film, it seems how the tribes living there for years in the name of Reserved Forest were denied their rights.

But the film takes a turn and reaches the battle of the Raja’s descendants to snatch the forest land from the villagers by getting the forest land in their name again. How Shiva and Kuldevata save the village land, this is the thick story of the film.

But this film, adorned with folk colors, has many things apart from the story that make it a must watch.

Kantara Movie Review: Is it Worth Watching?

  • The beauty of this film is its story. The story is amazing and each and every character fitted well in the story.
  • The film has a novelty in the way it captures the entire scene from ‘Kambala’ game to Ghost Cola and Jungle, the way the camera captures the entire scene. Also the audience in the theater is not glued to the screen but into the story feeling involved. As if everything is happening in front of you.
  • There are lots of colorful close-ups and they provide an amazing visual experience.

Overall, The romance scenes of the film are a bit uncomfortable, some of the dialogues also seem misogynistic. The film does get a bit cold in between but the climax of the last 15 minutes gives goosebumps and pulls the viewer back to the film.

Click here to Watch Kantara Movie Trailer

Kantara‘s cinematography is commendable, every scene adds a new dimension to the film. Rishabh Shetty’s acting leaves you stunned to the core. So if you want to see a different and unique film, then take out time and watch a colorful film ‘Kantara’ full of action, tradition, history and culture.

Kantara OTT Release Date FAQs

When was the Kantara movie released in cinemas in Hindi language?

Ans. Kantara Movie Released in theaters on October 14, 2022.

Q. What is the original language of the film Kantara?

Ans. Kantara was originally released in Kannada language. 

Q. Who is playing the lead role in the movie Kantara?

Ans. Rishabh Shetty

Q. When will Kantara release on OTT?

Ans. Kantara OTT Release Date is not fixed yet. We will let you know when the makers announce the OTT Release date. 

Q. On which OTT platform will Kantara release?

Ans.  Kantara OTT Release is expected on Netflix.

Q. Who is the director of Kantara movie?

Ans. Rishabh Shetty.

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