ICAR IARI Technician T 1 History Practice Test in English for 05 March Exam

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ICAR IARI Technician T 1 History Practice Test in English – Out of four days of ICAR IARI Technician T 1 Recruitment exam, 3 days exam is over, now tomorrow is the last day of technician exam. Now the candidates appearing in the remaining ICAR IARI Technician Exam, who have completed their preparation and are doing revision with the help of model paper. For them, we have brought up some important questions related to history.

We are sharing this ICAR IARI Technician T 1 History Practice Test in English for the practice of History, the subject included in the syllabus. With its help, you will be able to revise the questions of the History subject appearing in the ICAR IARI Technician Exam. A total of 50 questions are included in this practice paper. Please read this once before going for the exam.

ICAR IARI Technician T 1 History Practice Test in English
ICAR IARI Technician T 1 History Practice Test in English

ICAR IARI Technician T 1 History Practice Test in English 

51. The earliest ancient city discovered in India was:

  • A. Harappa✅
  • B. Punjab
  • C. Mohenjodaro
  • D. Sindh

52. Harappan Civilization belonged to which period?

  • A. Bronze Age✅
  • B. Stone Age
  • C. Iron Age
  • D. All of the above

53. Where is Kalibanga situated?

  • A. Haryana 
  • B. Rajasthan✅
  • C. Gujarat
  • D. Punjab

54. Indus Valley people were related to: 

  • A. Egypt
  • B. Sumeria✅
  • C. China
  • D. Iran

55.  Where did Aryans first come to India?

  • A. Punjab✅
  • B. Delhi
  • C. South India 
  • D. Gangetic region

56. Which is the oldest Veda?

  • A. Yajurveda
  • B. Rigveda✅
  • C. Samaveda
  • D. Atharvaveda 

57. The most mentioned river in early Vedic literature is :

  • A. Sindhu✅
  • B. Yoga on
  • C. Saraswati
  • D. Ganga

58. Upanishad books are :

  • A. Dharma
  • B. Shutudri
  • C. On method
  • D. On philosophy✅

59. Where did Buddha attain enlightenment? 

  • A. Bodh Gaya✅
  • B. Pataliputra
  • C. Rajagriha
  • D. Lumbini

60. At which of the following places Mahavira’s Mahanirvana took place? 

  • A. Kushinagar
  • B. Vaishali
  • C. Rajgriha
  • D. Pavapuri✅

61. What is the word for ‘Perfect Knowledge’ in Jainism?

  • A. Jin
  • B. Ratna
  • C. Kaivalya✅
  • D. Nirvana

62. Which one of the following was not a part of Tripitaka? 

  • A. Jataka✅
  • B. Vinay
  • C. Sutta
  • D. Abhidhamma

63. Between which rulers the famous ‘Battle of Vitasta’ was fought on the banks of river Jhelum?

  • A. Chandragupta Maurya and Seleucus 
  • B. Ghanananda and Chandragupta Maurya
  • C. Porus and✅
  • Alexander D. Alexander and Ambhi

64. What was the reason for Alexander’s success in India? 

  • A. He was powerful
  • B. There was no central power in India✅
  • C. He was a good administrator
  • D. He was assisted by Indian rulers

65. At which of the following places Alexander died?

  • A. Patala
  • B. Taxila
  • C. Babylonian✅
  • D. Jedrosia

66. Who among the following composed the ‘Kalpasutra’?

  • A. Bhadrabahu✅
  • B. Sthalabahu
  • C. Gopal
  • D. Gosala Makkhaliputra

67. Another name of Chanakya was:

  • A. Bhattaswamy
  • B. Vishnugupta✅
  • C. Rajasekhara
  • D.Visakhadatta

68. Who among the following is the author of Mudrarakshasa?

  • A. Ashvaghosha 
  • B.
  • C. Kalidas✅
  • D. Bhasa

69. Who first read the inscriptions of Ashoka?

  • A. Bühler
  • B. Robert Seibel
  • C. James Prinsep✅
  • D. Codrigaton

70. When did Vikram Samvat begin?

  • A. 78 AD
  • B. 57 BCE✅
  • C. 72 BCE 
  • D. 56 BCE

71. Who was Charaka? 

  • A. A doctor / Kanishka period✅
  • B. An astrologer / Chandragupta II 
  • C. An astronomer / Samudragupta period
  • D. None of the above

72. Chinese traveler Fahien came to India during the reign of :

  • A. Kanishka
  • B. Chandragupta I
  • C. Chandragupta II✅
  • D. Harshavardhana

73. Who among the following visited and studied at Nalanda University?

  • A. Hiuen Tsang✅
  • B. Fahyan
  • C. Megasthenes
  • D. None of the above

74. In astronomy the most famous name of Gupta period is : 

  • A. Varahamihira
  • B. Brahmagupta 
  • C. Aryabhatta✅
  • D. Patanjali

75. When was the second battle of Tarain or Thaneshwar Happened?

  • A. 1225 AD
  • B. 1191 AD
  • C. 1192 AD✅
  • D. 1105 AD

76. What was the name of the court poet of Prithviraj Chauhan?

  • A. Amir Khusro 
  • B. Chand✅
  • C. Bihari
  • D. Bhushan

77. Qutub Minar is named after which Sufi saint?

  • A. Nizamuddin Auliya
  • B. Moinuddin Chishti
  • C. Qutubuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki✅
  • D. Salim Chishti

78. ‘The king got freedom from his subjects and on whose death the subjects got from their king, Badauni commented like this:

  • A. Balban
  • B. Alauddin Khilji
  • C. Mohammed bin Tughlaq✅
  • D. Firoz Shah Tughlaq

79. Which of the following Bhakti saints first used Hindi to propagate his message?

  • A. Dadu
  • B. Kabir
  • C. Ramananda✅
  • D. Tulsidas

80. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu belongs to which sect?

  • A. Vaishnavism✅
  • B. Shaiva
  • C. Buddhist
  • D. Sufi

81. Established Chishtiya Sufism in India :

  • A. Khwaja Badruddin
  • B. Khwaja Moinuddin✅
  • C. Sheikh Ahmed Sirhindi 
  • D. Sheikh Bahauddin Zakaria

82. Kabir Who was the guru?

  • A. Ramanuja
  • B. Ramanand✅
  • C. Vallabhacharya
  • D. Namdev

83. In which of the following wars, guns were used for the first time by one of the parties?

  • A. First Battle of Panipat✅
  • B. Battle of Khanwa 
  • C. Battle of Plassey
  • D. Third Battle of Panipat

84. Who among the following was the head of the army during the Mughal period? 

  • A. Shahna-e-Peel 
  • B. Mir Bakshi✅
  • C. Wazir
  • D. Sawahnigar

85. The tomb of Sher Shah Suri is located at:

  • A. Agra
  • B. Sasaram✅
  • C. Delhi
  • D. Aurangabad

86. Battle of Chausa between Humayun and Sher Shah when did it happen?

  • A. 1543 AD 
  • B. 1539 AD✅
  • C. 1556 AD 
  • D. 1565 AD

87. Where did the British set up their first factory?

  • A. Calcutta
  • B. Ahmedabad
  • C. Bharuch
  • D. Machilipatnam✅

88. Ryotwari system was started by:

  • A. Thomas Munro ✅
  • B. Martin Bird
  • C. Cornwallis 
  • D. Lord Dalhousie

89. With whom was the theory related? 

  • A. Warren Hastings 
  • B. Lord Cornwallis
  • C. Lord Bentinck 
  • D. Lord Wellesley✅

90. The capital of Tipu Sultan was:

  • A. Bailur 
  • B. Dwar Samudra
  • C. Serigapatam 
  • D. Srirangam (Srirangapatnam)✅

91. In India during the British period The first census took place: 

  • A. During Lord Dufferin’s tenure
  • B. Lord Lytton’s tenure
  • C. Lord Mayo’s tenure✅
  • D. Lord Ripon’s tenure

92. The first railway line in India was built?

  • A. Between Howrah and Serampore
  • B. Between Bombay and Thane✅
  • C. Between Madras and Guntur
  • D. Between Delhi and Agra

93. Where was the capital of India before Delhi during the British period?

  • A. Calcutta✅
  • Bombay
  • C. Patna
  • D. Lucknow

94. To whom goes the credit of ending the practice of Sati and ending thugs?

  • A. Lord Dalhousie 
  • B. Lord William Bentinck✅
  • C. Lord Auckland 
  • D. Lord Canning

95. The first Muslim President of the Indian National Congress was:

  • A. Abul Kalam Azad
  • B. Rafi Ahmed Kidwai 
  • C. M. A. Ansari
  • D. Badruddin Tyab ji✅

96. After returning from South Africa, Gandhiji started the first successful Satyagraha:

  • A. Chauri-Chaura
  • B. Dandi
  • C. Champaran✅
  • D. Bardoli 

97. Azad in 1943 Hind Fauj (INA) came into existence:

  • A. in Japan
  • B. in erstwhile Burma
  • C. in Singapore✅
  • D. in erstwhile Malaya

98. Who was the leader of Ghadar Party? 

  • A. Bhagat Singh
  • B. Lala Hardayal ✅
  • C. Bal Gangadhar Tilak 
  • D. V. D. Savarkar

99. Who was the first woman President of All India National Congress?

  • A. Nellie Sen Gupta 
  • B. Sarojini Naidu 
  • C. Annie Besant✅
  • D. Kadambini Bose

100. Who first called Mahatma Gandhi the ‘Father of the Nation’?

  • A. Sarojini Naidu
  • B. Sardar Patel
  • C. J. Ale. Nehru
  • D. Subhash Chandra Bose✅


The questions and answers shared in the above ICAR IARI Technician T 1 History Practice Test in English are given for the purpose of education. If any kind of error is found in this practice set, then you can message our WhatsApp Admin. It will be updated in some time.

Also, we do not take any guarantee about whether any or all questions from this paper will appear in the exam. This is shared only for practice purposes only.

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