ICAR IARI Technician T 1 100 Important Quiz for Today Exam in English

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ICAR IARI Technician T 1 100 Important Quiz for Today Exam in English | ICAR IARI Technician T 1 02 March Exam के लिए GK/GS, Current Affairs के 100 महत्वपूर्ण प्रशन – The examination of the candidates of the first stage of ICAR IARI Technician T 1 recruitment examination to be conducted by the Indian Department of Agricultural Research has been held on 28 February. On this day the recruitment was organized in three shifts. Today is the exam for some candidates for technician recruitment. For these, we have brought 100 important questions of GK / GS, Current Affairs.

इन 100 महत्पोवपूर्स्टण प्रशनो को हिंदी में पढने के लिए यहाँ पर क्लीक करे

If you are also going to give ICAR IARI Technician T 1 Exam today i.e. on 02 March, then read these 100 important questions once. All these questions are important for all the shifts of today. If you are not getting answers of these questions, then check out options we did highlighted/bold answer of question.

ICAR IARI Technician T 1 100 Important Quiz for Today Exam in English
ICAR IARI Technician T 1 100 Important Quiz for Today Exam in English

ICAR IARI Technician T 1 100 Important Quiz for Today Exam in English

1. The Headquarters Of Federation Internationale De Football Association ( Fifa ) Is Located In _________?

A) Zurich 

B) Paris

C) Madrid

D) Amsterdam

2. Which Of The Following Dances Is In Unesco’s Intangible Heritage List ?

A) Jhoomar

B) Chhau

C) Dalkhai

D) Fugdi

3. Netaji Subhash National Institute Of Sports Is Located In ____?

A) Cuttack

B) Agartala

C) Patiala

D) Karnal

4. Central Potato Research Institute Is Located In?

A) Nagpur

B) Kolkata

C) Hyderabad

D) Shimla 

5. In The Group Of Countries Known As Brics, S Stands For?

A) Singapore

B) Spain

C) S Africa

D) S Korea

6. The International Court Of Justice Was Established In The Year :

A) 1947

B) 1946

C) 1950

D) 1948

7. The International Court Of Justice Is Located At?

A) Geneva

B) Hague

C) Amsterdam

D) Vienna 

8. The Headquarters Of The World Trade Organization (Wto)Are Located In? 

A) France

B) Switzerland

C) Usa

D) England

9. India Is Not A Member Of :

A) G-20

B) G-8

C) Saarc

D) U.N.

10. In Which City Is The Head Office Of The Insurance Regulatory And Development Authority Of India (Irdai) Situated ?

A) Kolkata

B) New Delhi

C) Mumbai

D) Hyderabad

11. …….. Is Also Known As The ‘ Golden City ’ .

A) Jaisalmer

B) Dungarmar

C) Jodhpur

D) Bundi

12. Which Of The Following Is The Heritage Site Of Madhya Pradesh ?

A) Hampi

B) Sasaram

C) Bhimbetka

D) Lepakshi

13. Which One Of The Following Is Not A Member Of The Quad Group Of Nations ?

A) France

B) Usa

C) Australia

D) Japan

14. Who Among The Following Is Not A Member Of G7?

A) France

B) Germany

C) Russia

D) Japan

15. Non Resident Indians (Nri) Day Is Marked On?

A) January 7

B) January 9

C) January 17

D) January 19

16. Minorities Rights Day Is Observed In India On?

A) 1st December

B) 18th December

C) 23rd December

D) 5th September

17 .What Was The Codename For The Indian Air Force Operations During The Kargil Conflict Of 1999?

A) Operation Vijay 

B) Operation Meghdoot

C) Operation Indradhanush

D) Operation Safed Sagar 

18. In India, 24th January Is Observed As One Of The Following Days?

A) National Farmers Day

B) National Girl Child Day

C) National Agriculture Day

D) National Day Of Elderly

19. …….. Has Been Established As The Annual ‘international Day Of Happiness’

A) 15th January

B) 31st March

C) 20th March

D) 23rd February

20. The “National Sports Day” Is Celebrated On Which Day?

A) 29th September

B) 14th November

C) 29th August

D) 29th July

21. In Which Year Did The Tibetan Spiritual Leader Dalai Lama Seek Political Asylum In India ?

A) 1973

B) 1957

C) 1959

D) 1962

22. As A Reaction To The Rowlatt Act, …… Was Organized As National Humiliation Day.

A) 6th April , 1919

B) 2nd February , 1913

C) 14th June, 1921

D) 8th May, 1920

23.Which Country Celebrates Its Independence Day On January 4th?

A) Pakistan

B) Myanmar

C) Malaysia

D) Indonesia

24. When Is National Science Day Celebrated To Commemorate The Contribution Of Cv Raman ?

A) 14 January

B) 16 November

C) 19 December

D) 28 February

25. The Indus Water Treaty Was Signed Between India And Pakistan On?

A) 18 October 1969

B) 16 December 1963

C) 19 September 1960

D) 12 December 1959

26. In Which Year Was The Coveted Dadasaheb Phalke Award Instituted ?

A) 1969

B) 1968

C) 1967

D) 1966

27. ‘Jnanpith Award ’ , One Of The India‘s Highest Literary Award , Was Conceived In The Year –

A) 1972

B) 1961

C) 1957

D) 1969

28. Find The Person Who Does Not Belong To The Group

A) Mahendra Singh Dhoni

B) Kalpana Chawla

C) Sunita Williams

D) Rakesh Sharma

29. ___ Is The Vice Chairman Of Niti Aayog?

A) Ajit Tyagi

B) Arvind Panagariya

C) Rajiv Kumar

D) Narendra Modi

30. __ Is The Chairman Of Nabard?

A) Raghuram Rajan

B) Dr. Harsh Kumar Bhanwala

C) Bibek Debroy

D) Dr. G. R. Chintala

31. The Famous Mathematician Srinavasa Ramanujan Was Born In ___?

A) Madras ( Now Chennai)

B) Kumbakonam

C) Namakkal

D) Erode

32. __ Is Referred To As Dhingexpress?

A) Hima Das

B) Milkha Singh

C) Dutee Chand

D) P.T Usha

33. Who Is The Chairman Of Isro ?

A) A.S. Kiran Kumar

B) Shailesh Nayak

C) K.Radhakrishnan

D) K. Sivan

34. Who Is The President Of Maldives ?

A) Ashraf Ghani

B) Ibrahim Mohammad Solih

C) Abdul Hamid

D) Joko Widodo

35. ____ Is Appointed As Chief Of Raw?

A) Arvind Kumar

B) Mohan Ranade

C) Alok Vardhan

D) Samant Goel

36. ___ Was The 1st National Security Advisor Of India?

A) Pankaj Singh

B) Manmohan Singh

C) Prof Rajendra Khanna

D) Brajesh Mishra

37. ___ Is The Ceo Of Google?

A) Satya Nadella

B) Vinod Khosla

C) Sundar Pichai

D) Jan Koum

38. ___ Was The 1st Ever Female Prime Minister In The World ?

A) Sirimavo Bandaranaike

B) Elisabeth Domitien

C) Golda Mier

D) Indira Gandhi

39. ___ Was The 1st Russian Prime Minister To Visit Independent India?

A) Nikolai Bulganin

B) Mikhail Gorbachev

C) Boris Yeltsin

D) Vladimir Putin

40. Edwin Lutyens And Herbert Baker Are Two Architects Credited To Have Designed The City Of _____

A) Prayagraj

B) New Delhi

C) Chandigarh

D) Raipur

41. ___ Scientist Invented The Cotton Gin?

A) Norman Borlaug

B) George Washington Carver

C) Eli Whitney

D) Sonny Perdue

42. Which Of The Following Is Not A Classical Dance Of India?

A) Bhangra

B) Manipuri

C) Kathak

D) Sattriya

43. Dappu Dance Is A Famous Dance Form Of___?

A) West Bengal

B) Assam

C) Gujarat

D) Andhra Pradesh

44. Fao Is An Agency Of__?

A) Who

B) Uno

C) Unicef

D) Unesco

45. Husari and Bihunas are Two Main Forms Of Dancing Of__?

A) Assam 

B) Bihar 

C) Odisha

D) West Bengal 

46. What Is The Theme Of World Food Safety Day 2021?

A) Safe Food Today For A Healthy Tomorrow

B) Food Safety, Everyone’s Business

C) Food Today, Healthy Tomorrow

D) None Of The Above

47. Which Battle Was Won By Prithviraj Chauhan From Muhammad Ghori?

A) Third Battle Of Tarain

B) First Battle Of Tarain

C) Second Battle Of Tarain

D) All Of The Above

48.___ River Originates As Well As Ends In The Territory Of India?

A. Brahmaputra

B. Indus

C. Kosi

D. Chambal

49. Which Of The Following Rivers Is Known As Dakshina Ganga?

A. Krishna

B. Mahanadi

C. Godavari

D. Cauvery

50. On Which Of The Following Rivers Ajmer Is Situated?

A. Luni

B. Ganga

C. Teesta

D. Beas

51. At Which Place Do Alaknanda And Bhagirathi Meet And Take The Name Ganga?

A. Devprayag

B. Allahabad

C. Haridwar

D. Rishikesh

52. In Which Of The Following States, The Main Language Is Khasi?

A. Mizoram

B. Nagaland

C. Meghalaya

D. Tripura

53. Which Is The Largest Coffee-Producing State Of India?

A. Kerala

B. Tamil Nadu

C. Karnataka

D. Arunachal Pradesh

54. Which Is The Deepest Point From The Sea Level On The Earth?

A. North Channel

B. Pacific Ocean

C. Mariana Trench

D. Red Sea

55. What Is The Time Taken By The Light Of The Sun To Reach The Earth?

A. 8 Minute

B. 9 Minute

C. 7 Minute 16 Seconds

D. 8 Minute 20 Seconds

56. Black Revolution Is Related To The…….

A. Fish Production

B. Coal Production

C. Crude Oil Production

D. Mustard Production

57. What Percentage Of The Indian Population Is Dependent On Agriculture?

A. 65% Of Total Population

B. 53% Of Total Population

C. 40% Of Total Population

D. 65% Of Total Population

58. Which Of The Following Industries Is Known As The Sun Rising Industry?

A. Dairy Industry

B. Information Technology

C. Health And Clinic

D. None Of These

59. What Is The Theme Of The ‘National Science Day 2022’?

A) Integrated Approach In Science And Technology For Sustainable Future

B) Science And Technology For Atma Nirbhar Bharat

C) Vigyan Sarvatra Pujyate

D) Amrut Kaal Vigyan

60. ‘golden Threshold’ Is A Collection Of Poems Written By?

A. Annie Besant

B. Vijyalakshmi Pandit

C. Aruna Asaf Ali

D. Sarojini Naidu

61. _ Is The Headquarters Of The International Atomic Energy Agency ?

A) Vienna

B) Sydney

C) Washington

D) Geneva

62.___ Is The Headquarters Of The European Union/

A) Munich

B) Brussels

C) Paris

D) Milan

63. ___ State Of India Became The 1st State To Pass The Food Security Act ?

A) Chattisgarh

B) Gujarat

C) Punjab

D) Kerala

64. Which Country Has Changed A Word In Its National Anthem ?

A) Pakistan

B) Australia

C) India

D) Russia

65. 1st Ginger Processing Plant Has Been Built In ___

A) Manipur

B) Assam

C) Sikkim

D) Meghalaya

66. Constitution Day Is Celebrated In India On___

A) 26 Nov

B) 26 Jan

C) 27 Jan

D) 29 Jan

67. Asem Summit 2021 Is Hosted By __?

A) Switzerland

B) Cambodia

C) Pakistan

D) Thailand

68. __ Announced To Build The World’s 1 St Bitcoin City?

A) El Salvador

B) America

C) South Africa

D) U.K.

69. Who Has Been Elected As A Representative Of Asia In Interpol?

A) Praveen Sinha

B) Jayesh Prajapal

C) Adil Mahmood

D) Amat Devgan

70. Which State / Ut Has Launched The Tejaswini And Hausla Schemes And Shikhar And Shikhara ?

A) J & K

B) Manipur

C) Rajasthan

D) Chandigarh

71. ___ Has Secured The Top Rank In The Inauguration Of Sdg Urban Index And Dashboard 2021-2022?

A) Shimla

B) Coimbatore

C) Chandigarh

D) Thiruvananthapuram

72. ___ Has Been Appointed As The Next Ambassador Of India To Sudan ?

A) T.S. Madan

B) R.K. Thakur

C) B.S. Mubarak

D) K.K. Chattrapati

73.Which State Cricket Team Won The Syed Mustaq Ali Trophy 3rd Time Till Recently?

A) Rajasthan 

B) Kolkata 

C) Tamil Nadu 

D) Punjab

74. ___ Has Got 1st Place In Ipf Smart Policing Index For 2021 ?

A) Andhra Pradesh

B) Telangana

C) Assam

D) Kerala

75. Which Railway Station Has Been Renamed As ‘Tantya Mama Railway Station’ ?

A) Jaipur

B) Patna

C) Indore

D) Delhi

76. National Organ Donation Day Is Celebrated On __

A) 27 Jan

B) 27 Nov

C) 28 Feb

D) 1 March

77. Cherry Blossom Festival Is Celebrated In __?

A) Meghalaya

B) Assam

C) Shillong

D) Shimla

78. “ Dakshin Shakti” Military Exercise Is Done In __ City?

A) Kota

B) Meerut

C) Jaisalmer

D) Ranchi

79. India’s 1st ‘grass Conservation Area’ Has Been Developed

A) Uttrakhand

B) Himachal Pradesh

C) Karnataka

D) Tamil Nadu

80. Who Has Been Appointed As The Permanent Ceo Of Icc?

A) David Lizard

B) Manu Sawhney

C) Geoff Allardice

D) John Felix

81. “Trade Emerge” Has Been Launched By Which Bank

A) Hdfc Bank

B) Icici Bank

C) Pnb

D) Axis Bank

82. Electronics Policy 2021 Has Been Approved By Which State ?

A) Odisha

B) Delhi

C) Punjab

D) U.P.

83. ‘Boita Bandana Festival’ Is Celebrated In Which State ?

A) Punjab

B) Odisha

C) Assam

D) Goa

84. New Sports Policy Has Been Approved By Which State ?

A) U.P.

B) Uttrakhand

C) Rajasthan

D) Haryana

85. Group Captain Abhinandan Varthaman Has Been Honored By Which Award ?

A) Kirti Chakra

B) Vayu Sena Mandal

C) Shaurya Chakra

D) Veer Chakra

86. __ Won A National Book Award For Fiction On Nov 22, 2021 ?

A) Jason Mott

B) Charles Yu

C) Susan Choi

D) Sigrid Nunez

87. __became The New Chief Justice Of Madras High Court?

A) M.N. Bhandari

B) P. N.Prakash

C) R.Mahadevan

D) Paresh Upadhyay

88. India’s 1st 3d Eye Surgery Facility Has Been Inaugurated in _?

A) Jodhpur

B) Chennai

C) Delhi

D) Chandigarh

89.__ Became The World’s Largest Recipient Of Remittances ?

A) U.S.

B) Russia

C) India

D) Saudi Arabia

90. ___ State Has Inaugurated 1St anti Air Pollution Tower

A) Rajasthan

B) Delhi

C) U.P.

D) Haryana

91. ‘Prasthan Exercise’ Has Been Organized In Which City ?

A) Jodhpur

B) Jaisalmer

C) Mumbai

D) Meerut

92. Which City Became The Cleanest City In 2021?

A) Kanpur

B) Chandigarh

C) Ujjain

D) Indore

93. Who Has Been Honored With An ‘ International Emmy Award’ For Best Actor?

A) Matt Smith

B) Michael Sheen

C) David Tennant

D) Peter Capaldi

94. When Is The World Toilet Day Celebrated ?

A) 16 Nov

B) 20 Nov

C) 25 Nov

D) 19 Nov

95. New Secretary General Of Rajya Sabha Is ___?

A) P.C. Modi

B) C.J. Gupta

C) K.K. Madhav

D) A.K. Chakraborty


The questions and answers shared above in ICAR IARI Technician T 1 100 Important Quiz for Today Exam in English  are given for the purpose of education. We do not promise whether any or all of these questions will come in the exam. This is just the expected question which we are sharing with you. If you find the answer to any question wrong, then you can get it corrected by talking to our admin.

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