ESIC UDC MTS and Stenographer GK Practice Test 3 in English

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ESIC UDC MTS and Stenographer GK Practice Test 3 in English – The Upper Division Clerk, Stenographer and MTS examination is going to start soon by the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation. Recently, applications were filed for these posts from 15 January 2022 to 15 February 2022. All the candidates have applied for this recruitment somewhere. This recruitment is being conducted to fill a total of 3847 vacant posts.

ESIC Recruitment 2022 for UDC and Stenographer is going to be conducted on 19 March 2022 (Saturday) and 20 March 2022 (Sunday). At the same time, the MTS exam is being told on 26 March. For all the candidates preparing for these posts, we have brought ESIC UDC MTS and Stenographer GK Practice Test 3 in English. With its help, you will be able to do better in your preparation. Before going to the exam, you must read these 30 questions. 

ESIC UDC MTS and Stenographer GK Practice Test 3 in english
ESIC UDC MTS and Stenographer GK Practice Test 3 in English

ESIC UDC MTS and Stenographer GK Practice Test 3 in English

Q. Which of the following committees is not  related to the Panchayati Raj System?  

  • (a) Balwantrai Mehta Committee  
  • (b) Ashok Mehta Committee  
  • (c) Tendulkar Committee  ✅
  • (d) GVK Rao Committee.

Q. Tissue which is responsible for the  secondary growth?  

  • (a) Xylem  
  • (b) Phloem  
  • (c) Cambium ✅ 
  • (d) Cortex  

Q. Which of the following diseases is not  caused by fungus in plant?  

  • (a) Tikka disease of ground nut  
  • (b) Red rot of sugarcane  
  • (c) Green ear disease of bajara  
  • (d) Mosaic disease of tabacco  ✅

Q. The temperature of a Gas is measured  with a  

  • (a) platinum resistance thermometer  
  • (b) pyrometer  ✅
  • (c) gas thermometer  
  • (d) vapour pressure thermometer  

Q. The wavelength of visible light is  between  

  • (a) 3000 mm to 0.4 mm  
  • (b) 0.4 mm to 0.7 mm  ✅
  • (c) 0.7 mm to 1000 mm  
  • (d) 0.1 cm to 30 cm  

Q. A computer portable and easy to carry  by travellers is  

  • (a) super computer  
  • (b) laptop  ✅
  • (c) mini computer  
  • (d) file servers  

Q. The Nobel Peace Prize for 2017 was  given to  

  • (a) organisation for the prohibition of  chemical weapons  
  • (b) International campaign to abolish  Nuclear weapon  ✅
  • (c) Ban-ki-Moon  
  • (d) Intergovernmental Panel on climate  change  

Q. The oxidation state of Nitrogen in is  

  • (a) +1 2 
  • (b) + 3  
  • (c) -1 
  • (d) – 1/3 ✅

Q. Non-ideal gases approach ideal  behaviour  

  • (a) high temperature and high pressure  
  • (b) high temperature and low pressure  ✅
  • (c) low temperature and high pressure  
  • (d) low temperature and low pressure  

Q. In the past decade, which of the  following has not been a major cause  of the increase in the world’s  population?  

  • (a) Longer life span  
  • (b) Lower infant mortality  
  • (c) Increase in birth rate  ✅
  • (d) Improved sanitation  

Q. Rangaswami Cup is associated with  

  • (a) wrestling 
  • (b) football  
  • (c) hockey ✅
  • (d) golf  

Q. When is World Teachers’ Day  observed?  

  • (a) October 5 ✅
  • (b) December 30  
  • (c) October 27 
  • (d) October 10  

Q. The author of the book ‘India Wins  Freedom’ is  

  • (a) Kuldeep Nawar  
  • (b) Maulana Abul Kalam Azad✅  
  • (c) Jawahar Lal Nehru  
  • (d) Indira Gandhi  

Q. The latest addition to the list of  UNESCO’S world heritage sites in India  is  

  • (a) Qutub Minar  
  • (b) Humayun Tomb  
  • (c) Khajuraho Temple  
  • (d) the Victorian and Art Deco Ensemble  of Mumbai✅  

Q. The Non-Cooperation Movement was  called off due to  

  • (a) Jallianwala Bagh Tragedy  
  • (b) Chauri Chaura Incident  ✅
  • (c) Poona Pact  
  • (d) Gandhi Irwin Pact 

Q. The revolutionary organisation  ‘Abhinav Bharat Society’ was founded  by  

  • (a) Pulin Bihari Das  
  • (b) Bhagat Singh  
  • (c) Aurobindo Ghosh  
  • (d) Vinayak Damodar Savarkar  ✅

Q. The ‘Saptanga Theory of State’ (Theory  of Seven Limbs of the State) was  propounded by:

  • (a) Kalhana in Rajatarangini  
  • (b) Manu in Manusmriti  
  • (c) Kautilya in Arthashastra  ✅
  • (d) Banabhatta in Harshacharita  

Q. Who is the author of the  autobiography ‘The Indian Struggle’?  

  • (a) Maulana Abul Kalam Azad  
  • (b) Jawahar Lal Nehru  
  • (c) Lala Lajpat Rai  
  • (d) Subhash Chandra Bose  ✅

Q. The Agenda 21′ of Rio Summit, 1992 is  related to which of the following?  

  • (a) Combating the consequences caused  by emission of Greenhouse gases.  
  • (b) Combating the consequences of  population explosion.  
  • (c) Technology transfer mechanism to  developing countries for ‘clean-energy’  production.  
  • (d) Sustainable development  ✅

Q. The introduction of local  self-government in the modern  period of India is associated with  the administration of  

  • (a) Lord Ripon  ✅
  • (b) Lord Irwin  
  • (c) Lord Dufferin  
  • (d) Lord Canning  

Q. Ahmad Shah Abdali invaded India for  the first time during the reign of which  among the following Mughal  Emperors?  

  • (a) Muhammad Shah  ✅
  • (b) Ahmad Shah  
  • (c) Shah Alam-II  
  • (d) Akbar-II  

Q. The largest planet in our solar system  is  

  • (a) Mars 
  • (b) Jupiter  ✅
  • (c) Saturn 
  • (d) Venus 

Q. Which of the following is the highest  peak of Satpura Range?  

  • (a) Gurushikhar  
  • (b) Dhupgarh  ✅
  • (c) Pachmarhi  
  • (d) Mahendragiri  

Q. In context with banking, what is the  correct full form of ADF?  

  • (a) Automated Data Flow  ✅
  • (b) Additional Debt Finance  
  • (c) Automatic Debt Function  
  • (d) Automatic Data Function  

Q. The minimum interest rate of a bank  below which it is not viable to lend, is  known as  

  • (a) Reserved rate  
  • (b) Base rate  ✅
  • (c) Marginal rate  
  • (d) Prime Lending rate  

Q. The Election Commission of India is  not concerned with the elections of/to  the  

  • (a) Panchayats and Municipalities in the  state  ✅
  • (b) President  
  • (c) Vice-President  
  • (d) State Legislature  

Q. Sultan Azlan Shah Cup is related to  which among the followinq sports?  

  • (a) Table Tennis  
  • (b) Golf  
  • (c) Cricket  
  • (d) Hockey  ✅

Q. United Nations Organisation was  founded in  

  • (a) 24th October, 1945  ✅
  • (b) 24th October, 1948  
  • (c) 24th October, 1949  
  • (d) 25th October, 1944  

Q. When was the Panchayati Raj System  introduced in India?  

  • (a) 1945 
  • (b) 1950  
  • (c) 1959 ✅
  • (d) 1962  

Q. Per Capita Income is obtained by  dividing National Income by  

  • (a) total population of the country  ✅
  • (b) total working population  
  • (c) area of the country  
  • (d) volume of the capital used 


The questions and answers of ESIC UDC MTS and Stenographer GK Practice Test 3 in English shared above have been given for the purpose of education. If any type of error is found in the questions, Then you can get them corrected by talking to our WhatsApp group administrator. We do not take any guarantee that all or any of these questions will come in the ESIC recruitment exam or not.

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