ESIC MTS and Stenographer English Comprehension Quiz 4| Must Read These 30 Questions

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ESIC MTS and Stenographer English Comprehension Quiz 4 – Before appearing in the ESIC Stenographer Exam, you must read these 30 questions – ESIC Stenographer Exam will be held on 20 March 2022 from 2 PM to 04 PM. Employees State Insurance Corporation is conducting the exam for Stenographer. The ESIC UDC Exam ended yesterday on 19th March. We have shared its ESIC UDC Exam Paper on the website.

In this ESIC MTS and Stenographer English Comprehension Quiz 4 we have shared today 30 important English Comprehension questions for the ESIC Stenographer Exam to be held on 20th March 2022. The candidates who are going to appear in this exam must read all these 30 questions before appearing in the exam today.

ESIC MTS and Stenographer English Comprehension Quiz 4
ESIC MTS and Stenographer English Comprehension Quiz 4

Note :– Answers for following questions given at the end of this post. You can check out Answers according to question numbers. 

ESIC MTS and Stenographer English Comprehension Quiz 4

Directions (Q. Nos. 34-36) Improve the  bold part of the given sentence with the  help of given four alternatives.  

34. Salman and the other actors drove  through the forest.  

  • (a) in  
  • (b) over  
  • (c) among  
  • (d) No improvement  

35. You will not succeed unless you  don’t work hard.  

  • (a) will not work hard  
  • (b) Should work hard  
  • (c) work hard  
  • (d) No improvement  

36. My friend has a toothache and  cannot eat something.  

  • (a) anything  
  • (b) things  
  • (c) edibles  
  • (d) No improvement  

Directions (Q. Nos. 37-39) In each of  the questions, four alternatives are given  for the Idiom/Phrase. Choose the  alternative which best expresses the  meaning of the Idiom/Phrase.  

37. A dark horse  

  • (a) A wild animal  
  • (b) A black horse  
  • (c) An unknown entry  
  • (d) A front runner  

38. Throw cold water  

  • (a) Encourage 
  • (b) Discourage 
  • (c) Attack 
  • (d) Drench  

39. Butt in  

  • (a) Record 
  • (b) Impose  
  • (c) Improvise 
  • (d) Interrupt  

Directions (Q. Nos. 40-42) Find out  which part of the sentence has an error, if  the sentence is free from error, choose  option (d) No error. 

40. If I would have realised (a)/ what a  bad shape our library is in (b)/I  would have done something. (c)  No error (d)  

41. She has not completed (a)/her  course (b)/ Isn’t it? (c)/No error  

42. Second hand (a)/ furnitures were  (b)/ put to auction. (c)/ No error (d)  

Directions (Q. Nos. 43 and 44) The first  and the last part of the sentence/passage  are numbered 1 and 6. The rest of the  sentence/passage is split into four parts  and named P,Q, R and S. These four parts  are not given in their proper order. Read  the sentence/passage and find out which  of the four combinations is correct. Then,  find the correct answer.  

43. 1. Though the government  P. the growth of population  Q. has undertaken a series of plans  R. and for raising the standard of  living of the people but  S. for economic development  6. has upset all the plans.  

  • (a) QSRP 
  • (b) QPRS  
  • (c) SPQR 
  • (d) SRPQ  

44. 1. Glorious tributes were paid  P. who, after fighting a battle with  cancer,  Q. the original superstar of  bollywood  R. passed away last month  S. to the legendary Rajesh  Khanna,  6. at his residence in Mumbai.  

  • (a) SRPQ 
  • (b) SQRP 
  • (c) SQPR 
  • (d) QSPR  

Directions (Q. Nos. 45 and 46) Fill in  the blanks with appropriate words.  

45. We can …… right and wrong.  

  • (a) distinguish between  
  • (b) distinguish by  
  • (c) distinguished for  
  • (d) distinguish from  

46. He is man of …… simplicity.  

  • (a) childless 
  • (b) Childish  
  • (c) child 
  • (d) childlike  

47. Choose the one which best  expresses the meaning of the  given word.  OMINOUS  

  • (a) officious 
  • (b) pleasant  
  • (c) convenient 
  • (d) threatening  

48. Choose the word which is opposite  in meaning.  ADVERSITY  

  • (a) Misfortune 
  • (b) Meekness  
  • (c) Opposition
  • (d) Affluence 

49. Choose the correctly spelt word.  

  • (a) Benevolens 
  • (b) Benevolene  
  • (c) Benevolence 
  • (d) Benevelence  

50. Select the one that best expresses  the same sentence in  Indirect/Direct Speech.  ‘‘By God! I have not cheated’’, said  the boy. 

  • (a) The boy said he will not cheat 
  • (b) The boy exclaimed by God of not  cheating.  
  • (c) In the name of God I have not  cheated.  
  • (d) The boy swore that he had not  cheated.  

Directions (Q. Nos. 51-53) Find out  which part of the sentence has an error and  select the appropriate option. If a sentence  is free from error, select option (d) ‘No  error’  

51. The receptionist gave us (a)/ much  informations (b)/ which we  needed. (c) No error (d)  52. Had the plane not been delayed  (a)/ I will reach here (b)/ in time for  the function. (c)/ No error (d)  

53. Ravi Shankar’s performance was  given (a)/ a standing ovation by  the (b)/ people who has come to  hear him. (c)/ No error (d)  

Directions (Q. Nos. 54 and 55) Fill in  the blanks with an appropriate word.  

54. Her parents will never give their  …… to such an unsuitable match.  

  • (a) acquiescence 
  • (b) consent  
  • (c) agreement
  • (d) willingness  

55. The scheme allows student from  different countries to  communicate …….  

  • (a) each other 
  • (b) with each others  
  • (c) themselves 
  • (d) with one another  

Directions (Q. Nos. 56 and 57) Improve  the underlined part with the help of  alternatives given below.  

56. Your father is among the other  things a private person.  

  • (a) of the other things  
  • (b) among other things  
  • (c) among the others  
  • (d) No improvement  

57. The aggressive response after the  peace summit make no sense of  the call for moderation.  

  • (a) made nonsense of  
  • (b) made no sense to  
  • (c) make no sense to  
  • (d) No improvement 

Directions (Q. Nos. 58 and 59) Out of  the four options given, select the most  logical order of the sentence to form a  coherent paragraph.  

58. Our only enemies were  X. heat, thirst and flies but  Y. from man or beast than that  awfultrinity  Z. rather would I have faced any  danger  

  • (a) XYZ 
  • (b) ZYX 
  • (c) XZY 
  • (d) ZXY  

59. Thus, I stand on a  X. hill and watch a labourer  Y. upon the distant railway  Z. striking with his sledge  

  • (a) XYZ 
  • (b) XZY 
  • (c) ZYX 
  • (d) ZXY  

Direction (Q. No. 60) Choose the one  which can be substituted for the given  sentence.  

60. The act of killing a whole group of  people, specially a whole race.  

  • (a) Patricide 
  • (b) Genocide  
  • (c) Parricide 
  • (d) Matricide  

Directions (Q. Nos. 61 and 62) Select  the alternative which best expresses the  meaning of the Idiom/Phrase.  

61. In a Jiffy  

  • (a) suddenly 
  • (b) outstanding  
  • (c) in a fix 
  • (d) appropriate  

62. To take after  

  • (a) to resemble 
  • (b) to remove  
  • (c) to cheat 
  • (d) write down  

63. Choose the one which best  expresses the meaning of the  given word.  TOXIN  

  • (a) Troublesome 
  • (b) Dangerous  
  • (c) Difficult 
  • (d) Quarrelsome  

64. Choose the word opposite in  meaning to the given word.  GENEROUS  

  • (a) Stoic 
  • (b) Stingy 
  • (c) Poor 
  • (d) Specific 

Answer Key – ESIC MTS and Stenographer English Comprehension Quiz 4

34. (d) 35. (c) 36. (a) 37. (c) 38. (b) 39. (d) 40. (a)  41. (c) 42. (b) 43. (a) 44. (c) 45. (a) 46. (d) 47. (d) 48. (d) 49. (c) 50. (d)  51. (b) 52. (b) 53. (c) 54. (b) 55. (d) 56. (b) 57. (a) 58. (c) 59. (b) 60. (b)  61. (a) 62. (a) 63. (b) 64. (b)


The questions and answers of ESIC MTS and Stenographer English Comprehension Quiz 4 shared above have been given for the purpose of education. If any type of error is found in the questions. Then you can get them corrected by talking to our WhatsApp group administrator. We do not take any guarantee that all or any of these questions will come in the ESIC recruitment exam or not.

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